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    Thirty years of general civil litigation experience plus a side venture in research and development.

    Furthermore, Theodore Kapanjie, DO has assisted St. Louis Skin Solutions in staying current with the newest research in the area, ensuring that they are always fighting for the patient's best interests. The wonderful evaluations St. Louis Skin Solutions receives reflect this dedication to always putting the needs of the patient first.
    Always seek the advice of a family medicine physician first.
    Despite the fact that Theodore Kapanjie, DO has had a great career at St. Louis Skin Solutions, he is first and foremost a family medicine physician. He passed his board tests and became a board-certified family medicine physician after completing his residency in 2000.
    His education qualifies him to treat for patients with a wide range of medical issues. He treats patients of all ages, from newborns and toddlers through teens, adults, and the elderly, using preventative treatment. He may also assist folks from various walks of life with a multitude of medical issues.

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